Mary K

I’m home!
And the return home was a nightmare!
We were supposed to take the train all the way, but first we had to go by train and then change to a bus, then back on to another train. This train we had to sit on for 5 hours and it had no toilet, no restaurant, no nothing! It was HOT and we couldn’t even pull our chairs back.
Then on to another bus. They had scheduled three of them but only two showed up.
The two that were supposed to go straight downtown while our stop was somewhere in between.
So one of them decided to take us to another place and a mini bus was going to be there to take us to our destination. But it wasn’t!
The bus driver finally called up a cab but it only had room for six of us and we were 16!
We convinced the driver to make one more stop, not all that far from where we were going so we went back on the bus. Managed to call someone just before they went to bed and they came and picked us up.
I have no idea what happened to those left behind to wait for the maxi cab.
Such an insane day! And so happy I’m not travelling with children right now!
But I’m home!
This dress by Mary Katrantzou looks like a dream, just what I need, a good night sleep and some sweet dreams.
So, good night, we’ll talk tomorrow:)
Mary K

Red alert

As promised, one more post before bedtime.
Since we’re heading back home tomorrow I have no idea when or if I’ll find the time to make any updates.
We’ll be leaving shortly after waking up and we won’t be home before bedtime.
This time we have to travel by train, then another train, then a bus and then another bus.
Apparently they’re doing some work on the railway so, no way around it.
You’ll have to wait it out with this set keeping you company.
This is one of my sets that’s been featured on the Polyvore main page.
And I love this outfit!
It’s a great outfit to travel in too, if you don’t count the shoes.
I’m getting more and more found of Fausto Puglisi, and this dress has his signature.
It’s fabulous and then some! Perfect as an everyday dress.
I adore the tweed coat as well, such a great fit, and labelled Jean Paul Gaultier.
The beret is another favorite item of mine, and this one is from Eugenia Kim.
Sandals by Acne Studio and clutch from Valentino.
How chic can you get!
Red alert

Leather Jacket

One item that transition easily from summer to fall is the always trendy and versatile leather jacket.
You can wear it with more or less anything.
Today we’ve been downtown. We’ve been at the Opera house where there was an open house and all sorts of things going on.
It’s not really cold but it’s raining. A perfect day for a skirt with over-the-knee boots.
And going to the Opera house, open house or not, does require a nice outfit in my opinion.
Here I’ve picked a nice and warm skirt from Alice & Olivia, at least it looks warm.
The top is sadly out of stock. I love this chunky knit top from Fendi, with short sleeves, a standing collar and made from both wool and cashmere.
I really need to find a similar top!
Over-the-knee boots from Stuart Weitzman.
High boots are very trendy this fall, and so are knit, plaids, grey, A-line skirts and leather.
To follow the trends this fall you also need to put your hat on cause this season it’s all about the hat.
This wool Fedora is from Rusty Spic & Span Hat.
The leather jacket is from Only and very much affordable considering it is a leather jacket.
But you can just as well wear faux leather.
This season backpacks are making a comeback but this one is out of stock, but a part from this one and the top everything is still available for purchase.
I’m definitely going to get myself a similar outfit.
Tomorrow we’re leaving for home and have another long train ride to look forward to.
I’ll probably stop by later this evening for another update before heading to bed.
Wish everyone a fabulous Saturday night!
Leather Jacket

Lively & Amazing

It’s late at night and way past my bedtime, several hours ago.
We’re having a blast and enjoying every moment.
My family is the greatest!
Tomorrow we’re going downtown and it’s warm enough for a skirt so I’ll be going black and white again.
And since I’m in the big capital city I have to dress a bit classy for the occasion.
I’ll be back again with my regular updates as soon as we’re home and things get back to normal.
But I’ll try to get on and post again tomorrow, hopefully earlier than today.
Time will tell.
Wish everyone a great weekend! And go visit your family soon!
Lively & Amazing


We’re having a wonderful time but not much time to be online.
So I’ll just post this set for you to have something to look at and maybe , before bed time, I’ll stop by with another set.
Until then, have a great Friday night.
If I was going out on the town I’d love to wear this outfit.
Long sleeves look fabulous with a short skirt, and it’s perfect now that evenings are a bit colder.
Tonight it’s warm enough for a short skirt, so why not enjoy the final days before we have to dig out our winter coats.
Grey is a color to count on this fall.

Blogger Style

Animal prints are still a hit this fall and especially leopard prints.
This set was made for a blogger style contest and my favorite fashion blogger is Flavia from Fashioncoolture.
This girl knows style.
She wears a lot of short skirts, maybe a bit short for me at this age but I still love the style.
You can visit her by clicking here.
We’ve arrived in Oslo, just in time to go to bed.
And I’m on my way.
Hopefully I’ll find time to update again tomorrow, until then you can visit and enjoy Flavia’s amazing blog.
Blogger Style

How to style with a summer scarf

Here’s the set that won 2nd in a Polyvore contest.
My very first Polyvore win!!!
I’ve won many group contests at Polyvore but never one held by the site itself.
So yes I’m proud!
The theme of the contest was ‘summer scarf’.
So here’s how I would style with a scarf.
I’ll leave you to enjoy this set while I go catch the train:)