The Moss effect

The black and white combo that we all love and that never goes out of style will keep appearing on this blog.
This set was made a while ago and somehow it got left behind, but now I’m glad it did cause this set is perfect right now.
The smoking girl is the perfect girl for this set since I just realized the other day that I’ve been smoke free for over a month now. Go me!  I’ve quit smoking after over 20 years with the bad habit and it’s going great. Now I just need to get my hubby to do the same thing. but that’s not going so great:)
I didn’t pay attention to the date I quit but at our wedding anniversary, october 22nd, I had been without for about 2 weeks.
For those who doesn’t know why the letter K sometimes appear in my sets, it’s the first letter in my name.
Still working on our home this weekend so I guess I just have to run. Loads of work waiting for me. We’re more or less done but now we need to clean up the mess. But we have new trims all around. As for the paint job, didn’t happen, saving it for later:)
The Moss effect


Sorry for the missing update today but here it is, finally.
I’ve been busy cleaning my home all day. The plan is to get some moldings up this coming weekend and maybe get some painting done as well. We’ll see, I have six rooms where I want to paint both the ceiling, the trims and the walls, so it’s a huge task and one that will not get done in one go. But I hope to get a little bit done if nothing else.
But how about this set?
This is an outfit I often wear. Skinny pants with a long sweater and boots.
If I have an outfit emergency this is what always saves the day. Love the colors in this set as well, perfect palette for fall and winter.
I guess it’s safe to say that fall has left and winter has arrived since today we had our first snowfall this winter. About time!

Cream & Navy

This time of year is often filled with invitations to both formal and informal occasions.
In my country we have something called ‘Julebord’, directly translated it means ‘Christmastable’.The word refers to a table filled with all sorts of Christmas foods. Every year every single workplace invite all their staff for a get-together before Christmas. It starts with a Christmas dinner and ends with everyone dancing naked on the table. Well, maybe not, but these parties are famous for being wild and crazy and filled with regrets.
The party itself works as an excuse if you’ve done something you truly regret, it was at a julebord so no wonder, we all get it.
Julebord-season is here and if I was going this is what I’d want to wear.
Cream & Navy

You light up my life

A set that was left behind for some reason.
I was going to trash it but changed my mind since I do love this outfit. Love the change in stripes from the top to the bottom.
The knitted top looks fabulous paired with the expensive skirt.
The pumps fit right in, as does the clutch.
The shape is great as well, with the enhanced waist and wide skirt. Feminine and chic, ready to impress no matter the occasion.
Would you wear it?
You light up my life

Shirt under

Here’s a different way to wear a long sleeve shirt; underneath a turtleneck sweater.
Just make sure that the shirt is longer than the sweater and that the sleeves sticks out as well. Like in the set below.
I think it looks great. There are so many ways you can play with clothes. I saw another idea in a magazine where they used a turtleneck sweater for  a scarf.
It sounds strange but looked amazing.
You can continue to wear pastel throughout this season. Just look at how great the baby blue is paired with the white in this set. Stunning color combo. The baby blue turtleneck is from Ermanno Scervino and the fitted white trousers are from Alexander McQueen.
Shirt from MSGM, loafers from Salvatore Ferragamo and clutch from Jacques Vert.
Shirt under

Dress it up

I talked about this trend yesterday. It’s become very trendy to wear your dress on top of your pants. A trend that will allow you to wear your dress even in the midst of winter. I prefer to wear this trend with skinny pants, but the fashionistas out there prefer to pair their dress with wide pants for a greater statement.
I’ve come to love Missoni and this knitted dress is amazing! Big A Amazing honestly!
Leather pants from Alexander Wang, Gat Rimon coat, UGG boots, Michael Kors tote, chain belt from Saint Laurent and infinity scarf from 14th & Union.
In this outfit you’ll be warm enough whatever the weather.
If you don’t like the feel of leather pants you can wear a pair of tights underneath.
Infinity Scarf

City Life

It’s Saturday night and party time for some.
Even if it’s cold you can still wear a dress if you want to.
Add a pair of wool tights and a long coat to stay warm.
The temperatures are not so bad right now so a nice cape can work too, for the time being.
When winter arrives a pair of tights won’t help much, but a new trend has emerged where you simply wear your dress on top of your pants.
I’ve made a set to show you what I’m talking about but that will be a topic on a later date.
For now let’s enjoy this fabulous dress from Doris Streich, cape from Warehouse, Frye boots and Burberry handbag.
Wish you all a great weekend!
City LIfe