Gold Rush

Metallic is not leaving us just yet, and is seen all over the runway also for fall.
Be it silver or gold, they’re both shining bright this season.
The skirt in this set is from Soaked in Luxury (love that name), but it’s sadly out of stock.
As for the rest of the items, they’re all still available.
The peplum top is lovely with its ribbon mesh overlay.
And the satin waistband gives it a nice feminine shape.
This top is perfect paired with a body-hugging skirt.
The peplum top is from Jacques Vert.
Love the shimmering metallic coat!
It’s fabulous!
It shows well that metallic does not always have to come in silver or gold. It can work with any color and no one more so than black!
The wide sleeves are very much on-trend and personally I love a shawl collar.
This amazing dream of a coat is from Giambattista Valli.
T-strap pumps by Jason Wu and a Jimmy Choo clutch.
So, where’s the party?!
Gold Rush

Home sweet home

It’s been a while since my last home set so here comes another one.
The great thing about the color grey is that it can’t be mixed with close to any color.
Be it orange, pink, red, green, blue or yellow like in this set.
And as always when I post a home set I’m coming back with a fashion set shortly after:)
Home sweet home

Crazy in Color

How about this party of an outfit?!
It’s not for the timid but if you love attention this outfit will make sure you get it.
Bold and spectacular colors and prints are very on-trend this season.
And abstract prints are even better.
Every piece in this outfit makes a statement.
It might be more than enough for some.
I do prefer to have one item stand out and let the other items support it. Like a bold printed top supported by a neutral pair of pants.
It’s like with make-up, you either put your focus on the eyes or the lips, never both.
But this outfit is so wrong, it’s kinda right.
Would you dare to wear it?
Crazy in Color

In the shade

Today’s been super busy. And since I don’t have a smart phone I can’t just log on where ever I’m at.
So this is the first time I log on today and it’s almost time for bed.
I think I might have to bite the dust and get me one of those modern phones, mine don’t even have a camera.
I really am starting to feel left out, everyone get snap chats and I get squat!
Weekend is on! So today I’m posting a party dress from Maison Martin Margiela.
Love the ankle boots by Kurt Geiger!
Clutch by Jimmy Choo.
Sorry for the late update and short post but I need to go find my bed.
Wish everyone a great weekend!
In the shade


The most popular fall colors are usually the ones you see on the trees, earth tones as we call them.
But this fall is a little different.
I’ve already mentioned and written about the color red being one of the colors to wear this fall.
And then there’s royal blue, metallic bronze, moss-green, grey, white, pale pink, and bright yellow.
Fall has other colors in store as well, but let’s talk about yellow.
It’s not for the timid, but you don’t have to go yellow from top to bottom.
Wearing yellow might take a little getting used to.
Follow the example in this set and add just a tiny bit.
The color is so bright that just a little hint of it goes a long way, and is most definitely noticeable.
Wearing a yellow print is very on-trend and this dress has the right amount of yellow for a soft start into wearing this color.
Next step, take it all out by wearing a bright yellow coat:)

La dolce vita

I must have been tired when I made this set as I was sure I only used items by Dolce & Gabbana, but I just noticed that the top is from Dior.
This season we should dress in A-line skirts and both the 60’s and the 30’s is having a comeback.
Love this set, the boots are to die for and the tailored coat is amazing.
Dolce & Gabbana is one of my favorite brands.
Would you wear this?
La dolce vita

Don’t be square

I know I’ve used this hat and top before, but I really love the items.
This  monochrome look is right up my alley, love it!
The coat is unfortunately out of stock but all the other items are still available.
It’s something powerful about the black and white statement. Simple but strong, a look that will never go out of style. And right now, this is how I would style it!
I’m off to bed so see ya all tomorrow!
Don't be square