December 18th

Today I  got the Christmas tree, so happy about my tree this year.
I still have a few more things I need to get done but I like being busy the few days before Christmas.
I need to bake some more gingerbread and clean my home one last time before Christmas, and do the final shopping. We don’t drive so I have to make two rounds to get everything I need for the holidays.
And I need to wrap the gifts for my kids. They’re not celebrating with us this year, so this year we’re having a tiny Christmas eve on little Christmas eve (what we call the 23. around here). Little Christmas eve is usually when people decorate the tree but I’ll have to get it done the day before so everything is ready for my kids.
The rest of the holidays it’ll only be my hubby and I.
Still looks like a Christmas card outside, lots of heavy snow on the trees and white as far as you can see.
It’s freezing and I love it!
Happy December 18th everyone, remember no stress!!
Winter in the city

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

December 17th

Not feeling all that well today. Hopefully it will pass and not turn into something I really don’t want. I just started exercising at a back-school as it’s called, for people with back issues. They have professionals over there who help make an individual program for each of us. My first day was Tuesday and I’m going again tomorrow and also Friday.
After that we’re on Christmas break. But all fingers crossed I get myself down there tomorrow and that I feel swell!
The little black dress is a great pick for the holidays, add some gold and you’ll be rocking any Christmas party!LBD

December 16th

So, have you been good this year? The naughty or nice stuff are just empty threats. Most kids I know, naughty or not, gets their Christmas presents every year.
I can’t imagine any parent let their kid go without presents on Christmas eve. Unless they don’t celebrate Christmas. So my suggestion, don’t make threats if you don’t intend to follow through.
We all should just be a bit nicer anyways. We could start by being nice when commenting on the internet. Well, we don’t have to be nice really, we just need to stop being nasty.
Especially now that science has proof that Santa is real, or could be anyways.
Quantum physics kinda explains how it’s totally possible to be several places at once.
Just like Santa. Simply amazing!
Naughty or nice

December 15th

Love this time of year, and all the snow makes it look like we’re living inside a Christmas card. So lovely, where ever you look. It’s super cold now and perfect weather to go skating! But you need warm clothes, a huge scarf and don’t forget to bring the cocoa.

December 14th

And finally we have snow, and loads of it!
I believe we’ll have a white Christmas after all. I’m so thrilled, things are back to normal and may global warming not play any tricks on us again this season.
Today is the third Advent Sunday and three purple candles have been lit. One for joy, one for hope and one for longing.
Christmas was originally not a Christian celebration but it became one and now once again very little resembles the Christian parts of it. But the purple advent candles are one of the things that reminds us of the Christian elements. The third candle for longing means that we long for Jesus to be born. I think.
The roe deers in the snow are a very common sight outside my home, such amazing animals and so cute.
Today I’m planning on making some Christmas cookies. So I better get to it.
Winter song

December 13th

It’s December 13th and St. Lucy’s day or Santa Lucia as we call it.
Her day is a festival of light. This year Santa Lucia ended up being on a Saturday so I’m positive most schools celebrated yesterday. School children have a parade early in the morning of the 13th where they are all dressed in white and holding a candle.
In front walks Santa Lucia, and on her head she has a crown made of candles. Sometimes the boys carry a star-on-a-stick instead of the candle, and the girl chosen to be Lucia has to have long blonde hair.
I believe it’s 5th graders that do the parade. When I was a 5th grader I was chosen as runner-up to be Lucia. I had all my fingers crossed hoping the lead girl would call in sick that day. I was so bad, but  it was such a huge dream for most us girls, we all wanted to be Lucia. We would look in envy on Lucia all the years we were too young and we couldn’t wait to be 5th graders. All the girls wanted to be chosen as Lucia and for the blonde girls it was a small possibility it could happen. And in those days most girls were blonde:) I never got to be Lucia but my eldest daughter did.  And believe me, my heart was bursting at that moment ha ha:)
If you want to learn more about this day and about Lussekatter (saffron buns) you can click here.