Soon ready for Halloween

Tomorrow it’s Halloween and I haven’t gotten all my Halloween inspired sets posted yet. so I better get a move on.
Today I followed my ex-fiance to his final resting place.
So, I’m not really all that talkative just yet. It’s always sad when someone dies too young.
It’s been heavy rain all day but I don’t think this pumpkin umbrella will be of much help.
Love the Issa dress though! Geometric print and multicolored. Perfect fit for the season.
This tunic dress is perfect to either layer up or wear as is.
Caramel leather boots from Bronx and geometric embroidered satchel bag from Isabella Fiore.
Be ware of all the creatures roaming around, and have a safe evening!


This set was made for a Prada contest, so all items used are from Prada.
Geometric prints are very trendy at the moment so this dress and coat are perfect for the season.
The coat is 100% wool so it’ll keep you nice and warm.
It’s really not much to say about this set. Prada is not the brand I know everything about so I’m going to leave this set to speak for itself.
All items are still available for purchase.

Halloween Party

Halloween is just a few days away, so if you’re hosting a party you should have it all planned out by now.
Halloween came to my country after the millennium. Not everyone likes it since it’s an imported event. But aren’t all traditional events imported at some point?
Halloween came from England and Ireland, and was brought to the United States by immigrants. While Halloween, as it is now, is a new thing here, All Hallow’s eve is not.
In my country All Hallow’s Eve is always the first Sunday in November.
We call it All Saint’s Day and the day is in remembrance of all saints and martyrs.
It’s mostly a church event I believe. We used to visit the graveyard and light candles on All Hallow’s Eve.
It varies from year to year how many trick or treaters we’ll have knocking at our door. Usually somewhere between 1 and 5.
I love fall and the colors of the season so I do decorate my home. I put up my decorations before my birthday Sept. 24th and take them down about a week after Halloween.
I only have a few items I put up for Halloween specifically.
Three items to be exact. Two candle holders and a candy bowl, all resembling a pumpkin.
I like pumpkins but I can’t stand the nasty part about the holiday. Like blood, and body parts, it’s a no-no in my house. I can go as far as witches and ghosts, as long as they’re cute!
This set is a good example for what I consider to be fall and Halloween decorations.
The first time I saw a pumpkin was during my stay as an exchange student in Los Angeles. I had never seen one before. I’ve always wondered why we don’t have pumpkins around here. But obviously it’s catching on, last year was the first time I saw pumpkins for sale at the store.
So now they sell them every Halloween. I still cant figure out why they never did so before, and why can’t they be for sale all year round?
Halloween Party

Street Style; Hounds tooth

This is the weather today, heavy rainfall.
But what does it matter when you have a big, orange umbrella.
Street style has become a phenomenon. But I have to say, fashion is seriously suffering if street style truly is what people on the streets are wearing.
But it’s not, it says nothing about what the average person on the street is wearing. It’s all about the cool kid. The fashion bloggers and the fashionistas.
I’m just happy I’m not a street style blogger, I would have to walk around for hours and still not find anyone to photograph. I guess it’s true that some cities are more fashionable than others.
And I believe the weather has a great deal to do with it. But in later years fashion has become more cold-climate-friendly, with winter coats and big scarfs being trendy. It’s even trendy to wear a beenie, an item that used to be hated and dreaded. Kids would rather suffer and freeze their ears off than being caught wearing a beenie.
Hounds tooth is one of the lucky winners when it comes to street style, it’s a trendy print to wear.
This oversized blazer comes from Stella McCartney.
The very same lady has made faces a trendy print to wear, and the chain stores have taken notice. This top is from Lindex.
Leather never goes out of style and returns every fall. These leather leggings are from Alexander Wang.
Boots from Derek Lam and clutch from Proenza Schouler.
Now, feel free to step out into the rain. Beenie or not.
Street Style; Hounds tooth

Fall Fabulous

Halloween is just around the corner and nothing beats decorations and outfits in nature’s fall colors.
Like this fabulous skirt from Peter Pilotto, a designer I’m falling more and more in love with.
Love this mix of patterns and texture, and how the colors gets repeated in the Pinko Grey jumper.
Today I bought myself a new pair of jeans in the same color as in this scarf.
It’s a great color for fall and one I’ll be wearing often.
I’m still a bit lost for words after the news I got yesterday so I’m keeping this post short.
Wish everyone a great weekend:)
Fall Fabulous

A day in October

Today is a very strange day.
I just learned that my ex-fiance passed away.
It’s always sad when people pass too early. He died from pneumonia at the age of 42.
So I’m posting this ghost in his honor, he liked to spook me so I find it appropriate.
The box t-shirt in this set is from 3.1 Phillip Lim. It’s the fit of the season with the cropped length and short wide sleeves.
Pencil skirt and digital print blazer from Kenzo.
Jimmy Choo clutch and Isabel Marant boots.

The pumpkin patch

The first time I saw a pumpkin was during my stay in the US when I younger.
I went to high school for one year as an exchange student.
Anyways, last year I saw pumpkins at the local store. Now they import them only for Halloween so people can use them as decorations. Halloween is a new happening over here, one not everyone thinks is an event worth adopting.
I just want to know why we didn’t have pumpkins before?!
Everyone needs a turtleneck this season, it’s one of the season’s must-haves.
This one is from Ralph Lauren. Red is a color to look out for so here’s a pair of skinny jeans from Stella McCartney.
The only item not still available are the boots.
The pumpkin patch