A day in October

Today is a very strange day.
I just learned that my ex-fiance passed away.
It’s always sad when people pass too early. He died from pneumonia at the age of 42.
So I’m posting this ghost in his honor, he liked to spook me so I find it appropriate.
The box t-shirt in this set is from 3.1 Phillip Lim. It’s the fit of the season with the cropped length and short wide sleeves.
Pencil skirt and digital print blazer from Kenzo.
Jimmy Choo clutch and Isabel Marant boots.

The pumpkin patch

The first time I saw a pumpkin was during my stay in the US when I younger.
I went to high school for one year as an exchange student.
Anyways, last year I saw pumpkins at the local store. Now they import them only for Halloween so people can use them as decorations. Halloween is a new happening over here, one not everyone thinks is an event worth adopting.
I just want to know why we didn’t have pumpkins before?!
Everyone needs a turtleneck this season, it’s one of the season’s must-haves.
This one is from Ralph Lauren. Red is a color to look out for so here’s a pair of skinny jeans from Stella McCartney.
The only item not still available are the boots.
The pumpkin patch

Anniversary Gown

October 22. in 2009 me and my hubby got married at city hall.
5 years has gone by since that day, it’s crazy how time flies!
To me anniversary means cake, so I’m not going to spend my time online but rather have some cake.
So see ya all tomorrow:)
Anniversary Gown

Wicked Witch

If you haven’t figured out what to wear for Halloween, maybe it’s time to do so.
Especially if you’re making the outfit yourself.
Halloween is a new thing where I live and I’ve yet to see any adults dress up for this event.
We don’t have a lot of kids trick or treating either, so more candy for me.
But if you’re American and plan to dress up why not try this easy-to-make outfit.
All you need is a pair of tights, a white shirt and a black coat.
The sleeves on the shirt needs to be longer than the sleeves on the coat, but it’s easily achieved if you wear a trendy three-quarter sleeve or simply just roll it up.
The bow I’ve used is actually a hair bow, but you can also use a black ribbon and tie it as a bow.
Use a flat-iron to achieve the witchy hairstyle, put on a pair of worn-out flats (Mary Jane’s) and a witch’s hat. Now you’re all dressed up and ready to fly off on your broom.
Just don’t collide with all the other witches that are out and about this time of year!
Wicked Witch

Isabel Marant

One of my favorite designers is Isabel Marant. Her clothing is described as being a combination of androgynous chic and bohemian nonchalance.
A combination that seem to be the recipe for success.
Marant’s fall 2014 collection is as great as her previous collections.
When it’s cold you want to wear something comfortable and cozy, while also feeling self-confident and strong. Explained by Marant herself, and I wholeheartedly agree.
When you come from a cold area you know all too well how hard it can be to dress comfy and warm, while trying to look chic and sexy.
But Marant manages to make comfy look sexy, in a nonchalant way. And I love her for it!
Marant is most known for her shoes, but I think it’s time we all agree that she can do it all!
The handbag in this set is from Proenza Schouler, while the rest of the items all come from Isabel Marant.
Isabel Marant

Under the weather style

What would you wear if you’re home sick?
Or just enjoying a lazy Sunday around the house?
The other day someone, on Facebook, claimed that when women get married they all end up wearing sweatpants. What’s up with the age and relationship status discrimination?!
There’s no secret organization that picks you up, cuts off your long hair and hands you sweatpants as soon as you turn 40! Just so you know! I’ve never once seen my mother wear sweatpants, though she does have short hair.
I’ve never even owned a pair of sweats, it’s one of those things that will never enter my closet! Ever!
No hoodie either!
This is my lazy day or sick day outfit. I usually wear a pair of tights or leggings underneath a sweaterdress or an oversized sweater.
If I’m cold I throw on a cardigan. I have a lotĀ of cardigans and capes.
I don’t wear slippers much, instead I wear thick wool socks on top of my regular socks.
I live on the bottom floor so it can get really cold on my toes.
Another important ingredient when sick, hot chocolate!! With plenty of cream and marshmallows, and off course a chocolate bar to dip with.Cappuccino with cinnamon works too!
Under the weather style


Asymmetric tailoring and irregularly shaped items in different lengths does not bear witness of poor cutting skills. The asymmetric trend is simply part of the season.
An asymmetric top is a great piece of clothing, it can look fabulous paired with a pair of skinny jeans and it can work wonders if you’re trying to camouflage your tummy. It’s a known fact that many women don’t like their tummy. Everyone else’s is fine, just not our own.
In most cases our tummy opinions are way off and simply a false view of our own appearance.
I was watching a tv-show, a little while ago, that clearly portrayed this issue. There was a line-up with naked women, starting with the smallest one and then they got bigger the further down the line you got. Now, in came the woman it was all about and her task was to place herself in the line-up andĀ figure out where she fitted in. The woman to her left should be smaller than her and the woman to her right needs to be bigger than her. Every time I watched this show the woman always got it wrong, every single time they placed themselves beside women that were several sizes larger. This must be why you can’t trust an eye-witness! It’s all in the eye of the beholder! It just goes to show how wrong we are when we view ourselves.
Well, anyways, if you absolutely need to cover than lovely belly then choose an asymmetric top.
Wrap-tops are great too.
But nothing beats feeling comfortable just being YOU!