Gentle touch

This set makes me feel like summer’s end.
And in not long summer will end. It’s still warm but no sunshine today.
I guess it’s time to start thinking about fall fashion, but due to my over-productiveness this summer I still have several summer sets left to post.
The giraffe is one of my favorite animals, next to the elephant, so this top is perfect.
Maxi skirts are perfect to wear on a cloudy day.
I’m off to Ikea so gotta run, will post one more set later today:)
Gentle touch

Golden Days

I probably should have posted this set sooner since almost all the items are now out of stock.
All except the clutch and the sunglasses.
Things happens fast in the online world, so I’ll just use this set to wish you all a good night.
The rain finally decided to show up.
My plants are thrilled and so am I, I am looking forward to a good nights sleep without having the heath to worry about.
It’s still warm, but better…way better.
Golden Days

Red & Green

It’s still too hot to wear pants, but cropped pants are a great choice if you’re going somewhere where showing too much skin wouldn’t be appropriate.
Mint green is still part of the summer trends and red always looks good paired with green.
Spaghetti strop tops are very trendy this season but I prefer tops like this one.
Sleeveless but still covering my bra straps.
A lot of ladies envy a big chest but I’ve had one since my teens and it can be very annoying.
First of all, there are so many awesome trends I can’t do. It’s a long list and this summer I’ve struggled finding the right fit dresses.
But the biggest problem is shopping for a one-piece swim suit.
I need it big over the chest but tiny around the thighs. A combo rarely available, it’s either too tight on top or I get a 70’s thing going on around my thighs.
I’ve been posting a lot of flats from Modcloth lately, and reason is that I love their shoes.
Many awesome pairs to choose from, have a look if you will, you can visit them by clicking here.
I’ve said it before, none of my posts are sponsored in any type or form.
If I link to someone it’s because I want to and nothing else:)
I mentioned in an earlier post that I was asked by an online store to make sets for them and go into some sort of collaboration. I ended up turning them down, as for now I just want to continue having fun with this and not make into a task.
Red & Green

Golden Girl

It’s not easy to predict the future, it doesn’t always help being a weather man either.
So my plan, to wear jeans and sing in the rain today, totally failed.
It’s still hot and it’s still sunny, so what better to wear than a pair of shorts.
The laser-cut golden dream comes from Diane Von Furstenburg.
These are awesome and fabulous for a night out on the town, but I would wear them for a shopping spree as well.
If you have some amazing items then you should use them, don’t let them hang in your closet and wait for that special occasion that might not even come.
Or by the time it does your clothing is outdated and yesterdays news.
I say; wear it, use it and make it worth the money spent on it!
Every day is a party!
The flared top with the embellished neck-band is from Sass & Bide.
To die for boots from Jeffrey Campbell, and metallic clutch from Fendi.
The gold mesh sunglasses from Wildfox puts the icing on this cake.
Golden Girl

The world we live in

They say it’s going to rain tomorrow so maybe it’s time to put on some jeans.
It’s rare in these parts that you can go somewhere without bringing a jacket, but this summer I haven’t seen my jackets at all.
But I might bring my blazer tomorrow when going downtown.
My grandma used to say’ always wear nice panties in case something happens’.
So tomorrow I’ll be wearing my best panties since it’s the claimed D-day for the terrorist attack.
It may or may not happen but just in case you best wear some nice panties.
It might not be the best topic to make jokes about but these things tend to grow from a feather to a hen farm in an instant.
It’s a win-win for the media, all the fear sells papers as people are desperate for some new info, so why would they stop talking about it?!
I really hate it when I see the newspapers coming up with list on what you need to do or look out for. This makes people into private investigators and they see ghosts in broad daylight.
It’s the true recipe for catching innocent people.
As far as I’m concerned, a terrorist threat doesn’t come with an expiration date so we just have to live with the fact that these things might happen.
We decided to meddle and this is the price we pay, and the price is mainly fear.
When you think about it, terrorist attacks happens very rare compared to the amount of threats, so I think fear is the main goal.
Mission accomplished.
We can’t put our lives on hold, we just can’t. It’s a rule in any area in life, you can’t put your life on hold just because something MIGHT happen. Cause, when  are you going to live?
This is the life you were given, make the most of it and never let fear get in your way!
Now I’m off to bed and hopefully I’ll be back typing tomorrow when I get home:)
The world we live in


As always, black and white keeps coming back as a favorite of mine.
And a favorite of the fashion world.
I love colors too but it’s something about the black and white combo.
And the shirt in this set is fabulous, but it doesn’t fit my body type at all.
I’m a bit big in front so having two pockets bring even more attention to the area is a no go for me.
Stripes has been popular since the 60’s or maybe even before that.
I doubt they’ll ever go out of style.
The shirt is from H&M and the awesome skirt in this set is also from H&M.
The cutout bootie sandals are from Gianvito Rossi, and the bag is from Moschino.
All in all a very geometric set:)Stripetastic

Neon Summer

It took a little longer than planned but here’s the second set today, as promised.
Since it’s Saturday I figured I should post a party outfit.
Not everyone likes to get dressed up in fancy skirts or dresses, and you don’t have to either.
You can look just as fabulous and ready to party in a pair of pants or shorts.
I’ve chosen a pair of black Bermuda shorts, with a little length to make the look more classy.
Sadly the awesome shirt in this set is out of stock, but you can wear a bright-colored shirt underneath and a more casual top on top to get the effect the neckline gives in this outfit.
The bright pink gets repeated in both the pumps and bag.
I do like a hint of color in a black and white outfit, it makes you stand out from the crowd.
I’m in love with long sleeveless blazers and this one is perfect.
It can make any outfit look more classy in an instant.
When going out always keep the late night taxi queue in mind.
I rather dress for the queue than the party to be honest, I hate freezing while waiting to get home as it can take a good long while.Stay safe and party on!
Neon Summer