Bold & Bright

A lot of black and white happening on my blog at the moment, and more to come as well.
So we need a little color in between it all.
Love this top, and the color combo, and the print.
I can’t figure out where to get a hold of this top. It doesn’t say it’s out of stock,yet when you click the link it doesn’t show up either.
It’s probably not meant to be anyways.
Skirt is available at, it’s from Cedric Charlier.
The shoes were not found at a store, but in an article showing fall (2014) accessories.
So this is what we should put on our feet this fall.
They’re kinda awesome honestly.
Reminds me I need more shoes for the coming season, I bet my hubby would disagree though.
I’m going shopping tomorrow either way, so time to get some sleep so I’ll be awake and ready for my run around town tomorrow morning.
Bold & Bright

Closet Finds

I can’t believe all this rain!
This is my final shorts post so better get it posted, from now on it’s not possible to wear shorts without tights underneath.
My closet is an old one, made in the 70’s, so my dream is to rip it all out and make an all new closet.
Like this one in this set.
It’s doable, if we rip out the doors and shelves we’ll have a nice huge empty space to fill.
The most expensive part will be the new doors.
It will happen, eventually!
The shorts in this set are actually perfect for colder days, since it’s made of wool.
It’s from Carven Caban and I really love the shape of it.
Panda flats from Jeffrey Campbell and suede cross over bag from Pieces.
The earrings are so cute, but like the top they’re out of stock.
I’m babysitting, again, (I’m such a great friend) later this evening but I think I might find time for one more post.
Closet Finds

This is true

It’s a bit too cold for shorts at the moment.
It’s been raining buckets the past few days and evenings are chilly, so I guess it’s safe to say that summer is over.
But boy what a summer we’ve had!!! And it was the longest summer I’ve ever experienced, and the warmest.
I still hope for a nice fall, it’s such a great season.
That being said, you can take your shorts from summer to fall, just add a pair of wool tights and voila.
Shorts from Only, top from True Religion, cardigan from Rick Owens, sneakers from McQ, cross body bag from Diane von Furstenberg and belt from Gianni Versace.
And the best part, it’s all available for purchase!!!!
It’s ten o’clock in the evening and it is just about to get dark outside so I’m off to light my outdoor candles.
This is true

Denim World

One thing that never goes out of style, denim!
Personally I don’t wear much denim but I do love the look.
My fave, even though it doesn’t suit me, are boyfriend jeans.
Ripped jeans can look very stylish and especially paired with a nice shirt and blazer.
Here I’ve styled them with a casual top.
Sporty looking crop tops are very in at the moment, and this top is very typical for this trend.
It’s by Illustrated People, but out of stock.
Jeans from J.Crew and the amazing fringed bolero is from Tim Ryan.
This time the top is the only item that’s out of stock, awesome!
So run along and shop til you drop. (or not)
Denim World

Stripes in red

As promised, three sets today, and here’s the final one.
Again with the stripes, but this time I’m going for stripes in red and white.
It doesn’t all have to be black and white, even though it is a great and safe bet.
Red is a vibrant color so if you don’t want to dress in a bright red item you can use hints of red.
It does wonders to an outfit, like this shirt from Stella Jean.
Beige blend skinny jeans from Each X Other.
This time it’s the bag and shoes that’s out of stock.
It’s what happens when you wait around, things happen quickly in the online world.
It’s time for me to go to bed, so see ya in the morning.
Stripes in red

Wide Pants

My second post today, I might go crazy and even make a third one.
Wide pants can look amazing, just don’t wear them with a huge top unless you want to look like a tent.
Very few can wear an oversized top with wide pants, though it does work for some.
Learn to know your body shape and what makes it look good, it will make shopping so much easier.
Nothing worse than trying on an item that makes you look terrible, so learn to know what to avoid and what makes you look fabulous.
No matter the body shape, with the right fit anyone can look amazing.
The most important is shape and fit, color and print may also be important but shape is the number one thing you need to know.
Wide pants can be tricky to style, if you wear a shirt you can tuck it in to enhance your waist. Or use a belt.
Why not wear them with a crop top or a peplum top.
These wide leg trousers are from Ralph Lauren.
They’re out of stock but many designers and chain-stores have made similar pants.
Loose fit top from Pancaldi & B Vintage.
Pink coat from Goat.
Shoulder bag from Victoria Beckham and sandals by Modcloth.
Wide Pants


Yesterday students went back to school and with that many start on different activities again after a long summer holiday.
I really should start to work out since I don’t, at all.
And my choice of work-out would be yoga.
This set was made for a yoga work-out contest and this is what I chose to wear for my imaginative yoga class.
I do love leggings, I have since the 80’s.
It’s what I always wear around the house, after I take off my daily outfit, and crawl up on the couch.
I wear an oversized sweater or top with mine.
My rule when wearing leggings is that what ever I wear on top has to reach down to my thighs. If I don’t wear a long sweater I would wear a skirt to cover the area.
But for a work-out I guess it is okay.
Leggings are perfect for moving around, it’s like wearing nothing at all.
Happy work-out!