Yellow & Grey

It’s time for another interior set. This set became very popular on Polyvore and was featured on the home page as well as being picked as a top set:)
It has a , for me, record high number of likes with so far 949 people liking it!!!
So with this grey and yellow set I want to wish everyone a great Holy Thursday!!!Yellow & Grey

Music Mania

I’ve never been a fan of green and especially not mint green. But when I look through my recent sets I notice that the color keep reappearing. I believe the color is growing on me:)
The top in this set is simply adorable, just perfect!!
A romantic look that doesn’t look too sugary sweet when mixed with these rough-looking boots. A perfect look for any festival:)Music Mania

Beige Babe

Here’s another festival look, and this is a look I love. It’s also a very common festival look with the bag, crochet top and sandals.
The only thing missing in this outfit is a bunch of accessories like necklaces and bracelets, and maybe a nice summer hat:)
Last night , before going to bed, I looked out the window and it was snowing!!!!!!!!!!
And it’s been snowing all night and all day today. It’s snow everywhere!!!
So I guess I was wrong the other day, saying we didn’t have the right weather for going skiing this Easter.
We went all winter without any snow and when spring arrives so does the snow. Nature has messed up its calendar!
Beige Babe

Festival Trend

It’s festival season again and the Coachella festival is already happening.
It’s the festival with a capital F, where the celebs put their groove on and every music loving fashionista goes to see and be seen, and to listen off course:)
In my part of the world it’s a bit early for festivals just yet, but it’s never too early to start planning your festival wardrobe. As usual crochet, crop tops, floral and Wellington’s are all festival essentials.
But every year, amongst all the regular festival fashion wear, we’re seeing something new trying to make its way into becoming a festival regular.
So what’s my fashion forecast this season, well, I believe we’ll be seeing a lot of bright colors and cartoon prints. Fun prints is my bet, with a sporty twist maybe.
In this set I’m going for a black and yellow outfit, a bright yellow top with leather shorts and a nice blazer.
This outfit will look just as great with a pair of Wellington’s as it does with these sandals. The flower on the sandal is the icing on the cake. It’s an easy thing to do yourself, you can pin an artificial flower onto what ever.

In my opinion you can be festival fabulous without going bohemian. Even though I do adore the boho look myself:)

But remember, the weather needs to have a say as well, you’ll have zero fun if you’re wet and cold!!
If you want a peek at what’s happening at Coachella, you can go online and look up what people are wearing. I haven’t checked it out yet but I’m on my way to see if my forecast is anywhere close to what’s going on:) More festival sets will follow…..
Festival Trend

White Jeans

Both white, and white together with black, are very trendy this season. Most people seem to like their pair of jeans, but I’m usually not like most people. I do have 2 or 3 pairs but it is a rare sight to see me in jeans.
But I do like these white ones though!
Another trend we’re seeing this season is the sporty trend.
I really don’t care much for this trend either, maybe because I don’t like anything that has to do with sports or being sporty:)
It really doesn’t take a lot to make your outfit more sporty.
If you change the jacket and shoes in this set, this outfit can go from sporty to chic in an instant. My fave choice of jacket is the blazer, it would suit this outfit perfectly, but since we’re being sporty we’re leaving the blazer at home this time:)
White Jeans

Garden Party

Since Easter came late this year it is not the prefect weather for the most popular Easter activity of them all; skiing!
So instead maybe we should have a garden party:)
Easter is first and foremost a religious holiday in most parts of the world, but in my country there are many other things you think about when it’s Easter.
In my country we have long traditions when  it comes to Easter celebrations and we have the longest Easter holiday in the world:)
It is probably why most our Easter activities have to do with the long holiday more than the actual Easter meaning. The most common thing to do during Easter is to go stay at your cabin (yes most Norwegians have a cabin). It should be spent in the mountains somewhere, as close to the sun as possible, since the sun has been away for a few months in parts of the country.
Easter used to be a very quiet holiday due to all the red days on the calendar and everything was closed everywhere. Today it’s allowed for some stores to stay open so it’s now possible to spend your Easter holiday in the city if you like. If so the main activity will be going to the movies:)
I remember how it was not allowed to dance, laugh or be loud during Easter but those days are now gone:)
Here are some typical Norwegian Easter activities:
  • Criminal novels and criminal tv-series. All the national channels are airing a special crime series that last from beginning to end of Easter.
  • Books and reading
  • Crosswords
  • skiing
  • staying at cabins
  • Easter candy like marzipan, chocolate and a bunch of other stuff.
  • Easter eggs, both real eggs and manufactured eggs to fill with candy
  • going out to spend the day in the mountains
  • oranges
  • board games

Have a great Easter holiday everyone!!!!

Garden Party

Easter Chic

Tomorrow is the start of the Easter Holiday:)
So before going to bed I just want to take this opportunity and wish you all a Happy Easter:)
May your Easter be peaceful, yellow and filled with candy:) Easter Chic