Spring is in the air

It’s spring alright, and it’s been raining for days. Pouring to be exact!
But temperatures are slowly rising, grass is green and flowers are popping out to say hello.
A season full of colors and I’m planning on wearing them as well.
I love colorful outfits. The colors doesn’t have to be bright to make an impact.
Here I’ve mixed a lovely mint green with white and a pop of yellow.
Almost like a spring garden.
Wish everyone a Happy Pentecost!
Spring is in the air

Spring Fling

I’m a print loving girl. But even so I’ve steered clear of floral for a lot of years.
Certain that any floral print would make me look like an old nanny, or even worse, an old granny!
But something has shifted in this brain of mine and I’ve fallen in love with the spring and summer fauna.
I’ve always loved large prints and vivid colors, but my taste has become even more open-minded than ever.
I kinda like everything….almost. Even flats!!!!!
I’ve embraced the floral print and if it turns out that it actually does make me look old, well, it’s not really that big of a deal since I kinda am!
Just kinda!
Spring Fling

hurra for 17.mai

I want to wish every Norwegian a great day today and happy National day.
In celebration of this day I found this educating article for those who want to learn more about us northern Norsemen:
and this one is funny, but true :
hurra for 17.mai

My Way

I’m not yet done with the blue & grey so here’s one more set showing how pretty the two colors are together.
It’s spring but it’s still a bit chilly in some areas, so a warm knee-long skirt paired with high boots are a perfect fit for the season. As well as a long sleeve jumper and a warm scarf.
It’s way too early to skip the scarf, but hopefully soon ….
My Way

Blue & grey

Grey is the color that goes with everything! I can’t think of a single color that doesn’t look good when paired with grey.
Grey is as good a neutral as nude.
Here I’ve mixed grey with blue for a sophisticated look.
I’m sorry for being absent for so long, shame on me!
I’ve had very few visitors lately so that’s part of the reason, but when I thought about it I came to the conclusion that even though only one person visits that person deserves the effort of a new post.
So here it is! Enjoy!Blue & grey

Statement sandals

Sometimes you need to let your shoes make a statement!
We’ve heard about statement necklace, statement this and statement that. So it’s time for statement sandals in my opinion.
Denim is a fabric we never get tired of and since most people love to wear denim in light blue, I’m opting for the darker hue.
Sleeveless top from Victoria Beckham, midi skirt from Whistles, metallic clutch from Stella McCartney and fabulous platform sandals from Charlotte Olympia.
Denim Frenzy

Slice me an orange

It’s an amazing day today, the sun is shining and it’s nice and warm.
Kinda like summer. Hence the summer dress.
The floral print is still fashionable and this season; the bigger the flower, the better.
This statement shift dress is from P.A.R.O.S.H and available at farfetch.com.
The a-line shape is still trendy and the orange details makes this interesting outfit even more eye-catching than it already is.
Slice me an orange