What to Wear : in your garden

I’m lucky enough to live on the ground floor and have a little garden spot.
I love my garden and I love to remove weeds and do little bits of work there.
And I love to look fabulous while doing it!
I can’t think of a single occasion where it’s okay to look awful. I do have clothes to do dirty work in, and clothes to wear when doing nothing and going nowhere, but they don’t need to be ugly or shapeless nevertheless.
Comfort is important but comfort does not equal sweat pants!
When doing garden work I usually wear a midi or maxi skirt, and I always wear knee-high leggings underneath. I try to be nice to my back and not bend over too much so the leggings are great if I need to get down on my knees. Still talking about gardening folks!!!
I’m not at all afraid to get dirty (still gardening!), when doing gardening I expect nothing less, so I wear clothes that can handle it. After a few seasons clothes can lose a bit of color and this is when they are going into the work-clothes drawer.
I have a pair of sandals I only wear in my garden. And no matter what I’m doing I’ll be guaranteed to wear a necklace or two.
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