Rainy Day Music Festival Style 2

We’re at a festival and it’s still raining.
This outfit is styled for a warm day with light summer rain.
A perfect day for a dress. A festival dress needs to be casual and comfortable, so the sweaterdress is a great choice. Enhance your waist with a belt and add some jewellery for a more feminine look.
A pair of combat boots makes the outfit look casual but rough. Feminine and fierce in perfect balance. But we want to be a little bohemian too, it’s a festival after all.
The boho feel is accomplished by the fringed handbag, round sunglasses, the multiple necklaces and bracelets, and the flowery apple cap.
If the rain gets heavier you’ll be prepared with this awesome camouflage rain-poncho. It fits this outfit perfectly.
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Rainy Day Music Festival Style

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