Bikini Mania

August has been a great month so far when it comes to the weather.
Hopefully it will continue and we’ll get a nice and warm end to the summer season.
So what are the trends when it comes to swim wear?
Before choosing your style remember that the most important is to choose what complements your body type and what looks flattering on you:)
Bikini Trends:
The 50’s with its high waists and sexy shapes, often found in lovely pastels and polka dots.
A great choice for those who likes to cover their tummy without wearing a full bathing suit.
The 70’s are also represented with boho crochet and fringe bikinis.
If you don’t have much to fill your bikini top with then maybe the flutter bikini tops is the best choice for you.
Animal prints, tribal, geometric, and digital prints.
Why not mix and match just the way you want it, tops and bottoms do not have to match this season
Pastels, Neon, Ombre 
A personal favorite;
Bikinis with sequins and stones. I’ve seen bikinis made of nothing but and they sure look fabulous …not sure how they would look on but….Bikini Mania