What to Wear : Mushroom-Picking

A friend of mine loves to go mushroom-picking and make all kinds of exotic meals from it.
Personally I’ve never done it and I have no knowledge about mushrooms at all, let alone picking them.
All I know is that you really need to know about mushrooms before attempting to pick them, since so many of them are poisonous.
I don’t plan to get acquainted with them any time soon but if I was this is what I’d wear.
The weather is still great so a pair of shorts would do, but since it’s forest area I’d like to wear my wellies. This pair is adorable, who wouldn’t want owls on their wellies?!
You should bring a cardigan or light jacket as well, even though I totally forgot when making this set.
Have a nice trip. No, sorry, no tripping please, learn your shrooms!
Mushroom Picking