Golden Summer

It’s amazing how the weather all of a sudden just turned around, and now it’s summer again!
Even if it’s colder during the night it is so hot during the day!!
I guess in some parts of the world what I consider hot, they do not:)
It’s 21 degrees Celsius, translated to Fahrenheit that means 69.8.
So in celebration of the sun I have styled a white & gold summer outfit.
For some this may be a bit too much for a regular day, but  not for me!
I wouldn’t wear pumps or heels to this outfit since I don’t want it to be too dressed up.
But we all need a bit of luxury in our lives, so add some gold and allow yourself to be fabulous!
The bracelet is from Lanvin and the big letters/words is a trend we’ll see a lot of this fall.
Both in wristwear and necklaces, and this statement ‘must have’ fits this outfit very well!!
Golden Summer