What to Wear from Work To Dinner

So what if you’re at work and need to be at an event shortly after, with no time to go home and get ready? Or maybe you have a formal work meeting that you need to attend.
Here I’ve done it the easy way and exchanged the pants with a skirt. The skirt fits in your bag and can easily be brought to work with you.
The bright-colored coat is what makes this outfit, if possible I would change it for a blazer in an equally bright color.
The best idea is to keep a change of clothes at work. Items that can easily be paired with your daily outfits. Like a nice blazer, a pencil skirt, a pair of pumps and a clutch. And maybe a regular white blouse.
That way you will always be prepared.
This entire outfit is from Vince Camuto and is available at Nordstrom.
From Work To Dinner