Emmy Award – Best Documentary

A fellow Norwegian, Deeyah Khan, is this year nominated for an Emmy Award for ‘Best International TV-Documentary’ with her film ‘Banaz – A Love Story’.
It’s about a young girl, Banaz, who was killed by her own father, and family, for choosing the ‘wrong’ man to love.
I haven’t seen the film yet, but after reading about it I feel I really need to.
You can watch it here. 
I just discovered this link so I’m not sure if it shows the entire film, but I hope you check it out!

Honor killings! Arranged marriage! These are subjects I haven’t thought much about.

I’ve heard about it, off course, and I know it happens, but I thought it was rare and happened somewhere far away in a rural area. And I had no idea how young some of these victims are.
It happens to our children, our youth! So we have to care!
Every year thousands (from 5 to 8 000 in the UK, 25 % of them are under the age of 16) of school girls, with immigrant backgrounds, disappears during summer break.
Forced marriage is against the law here, but arranged marriage is allowed if it’s part of your culture.
So, what’s the difference?! I would guess one means with consent and the other without consent.
But how many of these consents are truly real and honest, and not based on fear?
With such a shady law you get shady actions.
Can you imagine if that many western girls just vanished!!! It would be an uproar!
I’m sure of it!
I was going to write about the awards and about fashion but then I got this film thrown in my face, and I think we need that to happen now and again. We need our little comfort zone to be shaken up a bit, probably on a regular basis, or we tend to forget. I’ll leave you to ponder and I hope you choose to all watch this documentary.

You can read more about the film and see some of the reviews here.

Emmy Award - Best Documentary