What to wear; Forest Picnic

How about a forest picnic?!
A summer picnic might be great but a forest picnic is colorful and magical.
And if you’re a DIY girl like me you simply can’t miss out on the fall harvest. Grab your basket and get collecting!
Harvest and gather your heart out so you can make all your DIY dreams come true!
Why not collect some leaves and pinecones for your Christmas decorations?!
My brain is constantly on alert processing everything I see and deciding whether it makes for good DIY material or not.
Over the years I’ve established a substantial collection of materials, from my beach stuff to my forest finds.
For a forest picnic you need to be well prepared. A pair of Wellingtons are essential, and a warm cardigan over a turtleneck sweater should keep you nice and warm.
You need to bring something to sit on, even though it’s not raining the ground can be cold and moist. I find it better to bring too much clothing and have the opportunity to take something off rather than bringing too little and freeze. Being cold ruins the entire experience.
Don’t forget to bring some hot chocolate or coffee. And a picnic is not complete without hot dogs. If making a bonfire is not an option I keep my hot dogs in my thermos. It keeps them warm and a hot dog needs to be hot don’t you think!
Forest Picnic