Spring 2014

It’s fall and winter has yet to arrive but already you can plan your summer wardrobe.
Next years trends were all revealed during the famous Fashion Weeks.
The major fashion capitals of the world have been dressed for spring while trendy ladies has taken notes and watched closely what to wear next season, where to drool to be cool.
Fashion week starts off in New York every year in September.
I wrote about this in an earlier post so for some basic info about Fashion Week you can read here.
The images below are from Giorgio Armani RTW Spring 2014.
Armani called his show ‘Lights and shadows’.
Chiffon dresses, pastels, blazers, plaids, pink-grey and blue.
Pink is just as trendy this fall so don’t wear it out cause you may get use for it next season as well.
I like the Armani shorts and blazers, a look I look forward to copy:)

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