What to Wear – be sure you have your Basics

Speaking of basics, what do you consider to be basics?
Here’s my list of basic items that I believe every girl should have in her closet.
I think my list is very basic (hihi) but I’ve added turtlenecks to the mix.
I love turtlenecks and I use them as basics. I need sleeveless ones and long sleeve ones in different colors. And off course I need thick, knitted ones to use as regular sweaters.
I use sleeveless turtlenecks underneath transparent items or items with a low neckline.
And if it’s cold I use the long sleeve ones underneath my sweater.
I find them perfect to both cover up and keep warm:)
Many basic lists have the little black dress but not the little white one, but recent years we’ve seen the little white dress coming back every summer so I’ve added it to my basic list.
Both the trench coat and the leather jacket never go out of style, and it’s always a life saver having the perfect white shirt and jeans available.
If I were to spend some extra money on an item I would choose to spend it on basics because these are items that never go out of style and that you’ll need for years to come.
So choosing quality when it comes to your basic wardrobe I believe is a good idea:)

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    1. The white dress is for summer:) seams white dresses are tr endy every summer the past years and it does look good if you’re tanned:)

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