DIY Costume; Snowman

Someone challenged me to use fashion and make a DIY costume.
So after thinking about it for a while I came up with this super simple idea.
A hot trend this fall is to wear white from head to toe.
And what else is white but snowmen!
So I came up with this super easy-to-make snowman outfit.
All you need is a pair of white pants, a white sweater, a white hat and a white jacket or coat to keep you warm.
Take a piece of orange paper and cut it into a triangle. Roll it and glue it together so that it resembles a carrot-nose.
Make holes for the rubber band so you can attach it to your face.
The rubber band goes behind your ears and the paper should cover your nose, unless it’s huge, if so you can just color your nose orange and you’re good!
Find some black buttons and sew them onto your sweater, and your coat. You only need the coat if you’re going outside, but in case you do it should have black buttons just like the sweater.
Put your scarf on and grab a broom, and you’ll be all dressed up and ready to go….or stay in…whatever you choose.
When you no longer need the costume you can easily remove the buttons and the outfit will once again return to regular clothes.
If you plan on using this idea, please send pictures!DIY Costume; Snowman