Warm in Waistcoat

Hello and happy weekend:)
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.
I am sorry for not updating yesterday but I was really sick (vomiting and nasty things like that).
Maybe I ate too much Halloween candy.
Anyways, about my guessing how many kids would stop by, I was correct, it was 4:)
But there is a new thing in town as of this year.
It’s called Hallovenn. Venn is the Norwegian word for friend.
So instead of going door to door kids gather at a big happening where they make friends, eat candy and all sort of fun and games.
When I grew up there was no Halloween but in my hometown we had (they still do) something called Vinterfestuka, translated it means Winter Party Week. An entire week of party and carnival, in March by the way.
Well the weather is not as cold now so a perfect time to wear a waistcoat.
Love the pants in this set, I have a weak spot for printed pants!!!!
My folks are visiting from Oslo so off to meet them for a wee bit before they catch the plane back home again. Not feeling a 100 percent but I’m way better than I was yesterday.
Stay safe and healthy!
Warm in Waistcoat