It’s in the details

Today I’ve been very busy. We’ve stripped our entire apartment so it looks like we’re moving. But we’re not, we’re painting the apartment ceiling, starting with the livingroom and kitchen.
It is needed after 12 years of smoking indoors.
I don’t smoke as much now but I haven’t quit yet either.
For a year and a half we’ve only smoked outside.
Last winter I got a frostbite (not sure it’s the correct word) in my little finger so every time it is a wee bit cold outside I get pain in my finger. It feels like it is being cut off to be honest.
So hopefully this winter it will be just as cold as last year with temperatures around minus 20 Celsius (minus 4 Fahrenheit), that way I won’t smoke as much and maybe even manage to quit.
We’ll see:)
I made this set using the handbag and top from my November wish list.
Love the mix of black and red, a great color to use around Christmas time.
In my little world it is Christmas time already:) Preparations has begun, first we’re painting and cleaning and then we should be ready to put our decorations up for December 1st.
It's in the details