Bye Bye Sunshine

In my hometown, up north, the sun says its goodbye one of these days and it’ll be gone until next January.
We call it the dark season. We get about one hour of greyish light during the day, the rest of the time it’s pitch dark.
While during summer season we have daylight both day and night, and we get to enjoy the midnight sun.
But for now it’s bye-bye sunshine.
I now live in the middle of our country and here the sun doesn’t go away entirely. It gets dark around 4 in the afternoon so days are short here as well, and will continue to get shorter until the sun turns December 23rd.
Up north, where I grew up, snow and sunshine together occurred around Easter. While in December the sun was gone and couldn’t be seen that time of year.
So to this day I can’t get used to sunshine in December.
It feels wrong and twisted. Christmas and sunshine do not go together in my opinion!
When I went to school up north, back in the old days, we had something called ‘sun-free’.
Sounds really silly in English. Every year, in January, when the sun returned and reached the top of our school yard flag pole the entire school got the rest of the day off. That’s how happy we were to see it again.
So this set is in celebration of the sun, may it always return after a long and cold winter!!
Happy cold season everyone!
Bye Bye Sunshine



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