Coffee in the morning

Time for my morning coffee.
Still painting, must sound like we have a huge house and what we have is a tiny apartment.
Standing in the kitchen I can touch the counter on both sides of the wall at the same time.
So the reason it is moving along so slow is due to the cleaning we need to do before painting anything. It has been a lot of work after smoking indoors since year 2000.
Simply awful!!! Now we’re more or less done and I just need to get all my stuff back up on the walls:)
Well, we haven’t painted the windows yet….might wait and do them after Christmas. We’ll see.
We are so lazy!!!!
And the livingroom wall didn’t turn out how I thought it would but I’m leaving it be. It’s a nice color. We’re painting in greige but I thought the livingroom color would have more beige in it than grey, but I was wrong.
Very nervous as to how it will look with all my dark wooden stuff….
The kitchen got painted with the color Sober and the livingroom in the color Mohair.
Here’s a photo from my kitchen and the new lamp I boought:)
Coffee in the morning

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