It’s about time to start looking for a new dress for all the Christmas parties, or at least I’ve heard people attend lots of parties during the holidays. Must be young people!
Anyways, we all want to look good on Christmas eve.
A plaid dress may not be dressy enough for such an important day but it is great to throw on when doing nothing on 1st Christmas day (or boxing day as I’ve heard some call it).
This day has a dress code even if you’re just staying in.
In my childhood this was the most boring day of the year, no one playing outside, quiet everywhere and nothing was allowed so everything was closed, no bus going anywhere or anything.
It’s not as bad any longer but still this day is quiet and the bus only drives for a few hours and the only thing open is 7/11.
But you can look great even if staying in eating Christmas cookies and looking at your gifts:)
This dress is cosy, pretty and perfect for the occasion:)