Get your boots dirty

In this snow and winter climate these boots from Sorel is perfect! They keep your toes nice and warm, and dry !
I have a white pair I only use them when going to and from the garbage bin, and when going to the store around the corner.
I don’t know why I don’t use them more as they are really pretty.
Still struggling getting my home done, I have no energy what so ever so everything is a huge hurdle. Now I’m going to clean the floors behind the sofa so I can push it back into place and then the same procedure with my dining table. Please energy come and find me!!!!
Might be because I stayed up until 5 this morning working, and then I got up again just four hours later.
And yesterday I forgot to eat!!!!! How strange is that!
I must say I admire the Extreme homemaker team!!!!!
Get your boots dirty