What to Wear; to Fashion Week

It’s time for Fashion Week once again.
Fashion Week is a big happening that occurs twice a year, with New York as the first city to start the show. The two major seasons are Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer and the clothes to wear are shown several months before the actual season starts.
So the coming Fashion Week in New York will give us the heads-up on what to wear next fall and winter:)
The Autumn/Winter collections are always shown in New York some time in February and then moves on to London and Milan before it all ends in Paris in March.
The Spring/Summer collections follows the same schedule but happens from September to October.
These are the major Fashion Week shows but Fashion Week is also held in many other cities around the world, like Copenhagen and Oslo just to mention a wee few.
The two ladies below are correspondents sent out from Polyvore to cover the New York Fashion Week.
Polyvore is holding a contest where the task is to suggest an outfit for the two ladies to wear during Fashion Week.
And this is my contribution, as inspiration I used the images of the women and tried to figure out their style from there:)Fashion Week Wardrobe