Today I logged in to find a huge surprise, a nomination for


Such an amazing surprise, and a very appreciated surprise!! I received this awesome nomination from the amazing Attireclub, a blog  that creates style out of fashion and offers a great variation of tips and good reads.

As with any blogging award also this one comes with a set of rules. First you need to speak about the person who offered you the award. Next you need to insert the photo, state 7 things about yourself and finally make 15 nominations. And don’t forget to let the new winners know they were nominated:) Scroll down to see my list of nominees.

When I received this award the questions came written in both italian and english, so I will copy and paste to keep the italian version alive:) I love the italian language but I don’t speak any myself. So here we go..


1. Come nasce il tuo Blog? How was your blog born?

I used to play an online game called Fluff-Friends through Facebook and the game allowed us to make beautiful arts using an editor and images available in the game. When the game was cancelled I really missed playing with the editor. I finally found a site called Polyvore who also offered an editor and this was perfect for me. I got to combine two of my interests, fashion and art. So I started making fashion sets and felt the need to display them somewhere. So why not make a blog for my sets?! My fashion sets are meant for inspiration and to give tips on how to put together an outfit. But my main reason to blog is because it’s fun and because it allows me to be creative.

2. Qual è la cosa più importante nella tua vita? What is the most important thing in your life?

There are so many important things in life so it’s not easy to mention just one. But good health is one of the most important things, if you don’t have good health you’ll have more challenges and heart breaks, so life is easier to live when you don’t have to worry about your health. But my family and my home is also very important to me!

3. Hai altre passioni? Do you have any other passions?

My passion is off course fashion, but I also love interior design and DIY projects. And I am very passionate about Christmas!! It’s my favorite thing in the world:)

4. Sei ambiziosa o sei una di quelle persone che preferiscono lasciarsi trascinare dalla corrente? Are you an ambitious person or are you one who likes to get carried away? 

I’m a person who easily gets carried away:) I can start a project and suddenly work on a new project due to some spur of the moment inspiration. As an example;  I can start off cleaning out my cupboards and end up making and decorating something to store my candles in. So even a simple task as cleaning can take a tiny forever with me:)

5. Qual’è il tuo stile? What is your style?

I like so many different things so my style change as my mood changes:) I guess I’m both classic, elegant, boho, ethnic, and rock chic.

6. Ti piace viaggiare? Qual’è il tuo posto preferito? Do you like to travel? What is your favorite place?

I have not travelled much. I’ve been in the US once (I stayed for a year as an exchange student), I’ve been to London, Mexico, Greece and what was once called Yugoslavia. And I’ve off course been in all the Scandinavian countries. But if I could choose to go anywhere right now I would love to visit Italy or Iceland.

7. Una citazione che ti caratterizza. What is a quote that characterizes you?

Not an easy one, I have two for you

* “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ― George Bernard Shaw

* “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” ― Lou Holtz

Le nostre nomination / Our nominations go …

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So, there you have it!! Thanks again to Attireclub and everyone who bothers to read my humble blog:)

Love, Kristel:)



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