Persun dress

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find time to make any sets this month, so to make sure I had something to post each day, I went overboard and made a bunch of sets in one go.
Now I kinda have too many all of a sudden.
Turns out I wasn’t so stretch on time after all. Or, I like to think I’m not!
I’m pretty confident I’ll manage to get everything done for my daughter’s confirmation this coming sunday.
I do believe I’m just on time, we’ll see if this perception will change in the coming days.
My goal is to have nothing left to do the night before the big day, so that I can just relax and get some much-needed beauty sleep.
Today was filled with appointments and dental work so tomorrow I have all day to do nothing but the important preparations. I’m counting on some self-discipline to kick in so that I can spend the entire day doing nothing but the things I need to get done.
To get rid of these excess sets I’m throwing in a few extra posts:)
Here’s another one I made with items from
Black & white seems to be a trend that lasts forever, no wonder, it’s a perfect combination.
But it can easily get boring so to avoid it you can add a purse or shoes in an all different color.
Persun dress