Nation Celebration

Today’s the day before the big day.
May 16th was actually an even better day when I was younger.
Everyone took to the streets the night before our national day, everyone partied, everyone was happy and everyone kissed and hugged everyone:)
When I was young there were two street parties during a year, and they were both the highlight of every year. May 16th and New Years Eve.
But for the last 20+ years I’ve stayed home and made preparations for the 17th.
May 16th is for the young and wild,  and for those who loves football (soccer).
There’s always a game on the 16th.
On May 17th everyone wakes up really early due to the marching band passing by your house.
When I was young I played in the marching band, and the 17th was always a very busy day.
We started off marching and playing at 8 o’clock  in the morning, after the morning parade we played while wreaths were laid on different memorial statues.
Then we had a short break before the children’s parade. The marching band leads the parade.
It’s a long march, we always stopped by the local nursing home to play a few tunes for the elderly.
Then we continued the march, ending at the local school where kids had games and activities.
We then moved on to an area where they didn’t have a marching band and we led the children’s parade there as well.
Then it was back to the city for the folk parade. It’s a parade for different organizations, everything from sports to ideal organizations.
And to watch the Russ parade, it’s the graduates parade, always hilarious.
This is how I spent May 17th from age 9 to 16.
I do admire everyone playing in the  different marching bands, they have a long day on the 17th.
I still tear up when I see the parade with all the kids and the marching bands.
I’m excited about tomorrow now:)
May 17th

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