White Dress

It’s thirty minutes til midnight and the sun is setting while coloring the sky in deep red.
The rain finally decided to show up, and we do need a bit of rain right now.
I can see the rainbow from where I’m sitting. I can’t see the setting sun, only the colors in the sky indicating it’s about to say its goodnight.
I’m originally from up north where we have the midnight sun, I often do miss it.
As well as the northern lights but that’s a phenomenon for a different season.
It’s daylight still, but calling it daylight seem kinda strange since it’s soon midnight.
Maybe I should have posted a set with every color in the rainbow to celebrate this moment, but I’ve chosen a black and white set instead.
Black and white seem to be a never-ending trend and white goes well with tanned summer skin.
I don’t tan easily but that doesn’t stop me from wearing this color trend.
Stripes has grown on me since last spring and I’m loving it more and more.
This long bomber jacket from Vero Moda is fabulous.
And it looks great with this sleeveless dress from Joseph.
The strap pumps and striped clutch completes this look.
I should have posted this set earlier, since I made it most of the items seems to be sold out, except from the dress.
It’s on sale at stylebob so run along if you want to get your hands on one.
White Dress