MidSummer Night

Happy Midsummer day!!!
It’s St.Hans and midsummer day/night today, the longest day of the year.
And what do you know, the sun actually did turn up and it’s not windy either.
The weather is fabulous, exactly how it should be during midsummer night.
If you’re single then you need to listen to this advice; today you need to find seven wild flowers and put them under your pillow before going to bed, and if you do, you should have dreams about your future spouse.
Let me know if it works:)
Floral is a perfect choice for a day like this.
The most common thing to do today is to go to the beach or shore, and make a bonfire.
The purpose of the bonfire is to warm hot dogs, but usually we also make a huge fire as well.
Just because we do!
Some places they make bonfires up to 30 meters tall.
So it’s important that the weather plays along.
St.Hans is actually a Christian celebration that takes place the 24th, celebrating the birth of St.John the Baptist. But like so many other Christian holidays it became a day mixed together with a pagan event, in order to please everyone involved. This way the Christians got everyone to celebrate their holy days since they made them happen on days pagans would be celebrating anyways.
St.John the Baptist’s day coincided with the pagan solstice the 23rd.
But in this day and age I don’t think people are aware that this is a Christian celebration, or that the 24th is a ‘holy day’.
The 24th used to be an official holy day but in 1770 they decided to make it a regular working day.
All the celebrations happens on the 23rd and even though the day has kept the name of the Saint, the celebration is all about the solstice.
I didn’t even know about the Christian origin of this day before I googled it just now.
Tomorrow the midsummer market starts, it’s a three-day event I always try to make time for.
It’s a temporary market like the big markets in foreign countries, where they sell absolutely everything…more or less.
The lady in the images below is a fashion blogger, if you want to see more of her you can visit her at Kayture.com by clicking here.
I wish you all a wonderful midsummer night, and remember this night is magic!

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  1. Cette robe avec ces magnifique fleurs est superbe le chapeau est magnifique les chaussures sont hyper jolie la pochette est hyper belle tous ces ingrédients donne un look de grande classe et très élégants un look parfait pour l’été et ces superbes soirées

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