What to Wear : to the amusement park

The midsummer marked is in town and temporary amusement parks are popping up everywhere. Or Tivoli as we call it.
I’ve been to the Tivoli once this season. I went along with my youngest daughter and her friend. I had fun but I’m such a chicken when it comes to rides so I was taking full advantage of the acute need of a purse and teddy bear carrier.
I happily volunteered to be the amusement park caddy for the day.
I love the lottery though and I have no fear getting in the way of me participating there.
I’m having a polka dot crush at the moment, so how cute is this polka dot t-shirt! It’s fun and cute and just right if you want to be amused. And I assume you do when going to an amusement park:)
The bright yellow bag adds to the fun.
You might feel safe when avoiding all the rides at the park, but I was once injured by just watching the rides.
Someone wore shoes that didn’t fit well and I encountered one of them as it hit me right in the head. At another time it was someone’s camera. So these stories helps me argue that we do need someone to stay with the bags as they can’t be brought on the ride.
Another sound advice; wear shoes that fits well and stay on also when you’re upside down!
The roller coaster in this image is from Tusenfryd outside of Oslo, Norway.
Have fun and be safe!
Date at the Amusementpark