Since I’ve pointed out several times that I don’t wear sweatpants or hoodies I was asked what I do wear for a relaxing day at home.
For a lazy day at the house I always wear leggings, they’re comfortable and you can barely feel they’re on.
With it I always choose a sweaterdress or an oversized sweater. The most important thing is that they cover at least half of my thighs. Cropped tops just never looks good with leggings, it’s just a matter of fact!.
If I get a bit cold I’ll just throw on a cardigan, and I always wear wool socks over my regular socks. It’s a necessity when you live on the ground floor like we do.
During the warmer season my choice of ‘lazywear’ is the maxi skirt.
Other essential items for a relaxing night at home; pillows and throws!
I can’t imagine a home without pillows and throws. Some people use them for decoration purposes only but in my home pillows are there to be used. No matter how fancy and pretty they are, use them!
For me a relaxing activity would be reading, crafting, internet surfing, gardening and I also try to find time to meditate and do yoga.
And off course I watch TV, but just an hour or two before bedtime.
In my opinion bedrooms needs to be free of TV’s and computers, so we don’t have any tech items in our bedroom. Not even our phones are allowed to enter.
Just never gonna happen!
Wish everyone a relaxing sunday, what ever you’re wearing:)