Step into style

I’m not done with mint just yet, so here’s lovely mint dress for you.
This set was made for a contest where this dress had to be included in the set.
I sort of get a wedding feeling when looking at this dress, it would probably be a great dress to wear as a wedding guest.
The tote is from Miu Miu, and it’s just the type of tote that I love.
But my favorite items in this set are the sandals!
Simply fabulous, and t-straps are very trendy at the moment.
We’ve finally had some rain, and thunder.
I was walking in the sun on the way to the store, all dressed in white with a few black stripes here and there, but when I was walking back home the rain came. It poured !
I felt as a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest by the time I got home.
Awkward but still, that rain sure felt good!!Step into style (M)