Crop on Top

Today we’re going to our neighbouring country, Sweden, to get some shopping done.
And I’m not talking about shopping for clothes, but food, alcohol and tobacco.
All those things that are way cheaper in Sweden.
The Swedes have taken advantage of this and put up supermarkets by every border.
Grocery stores in the middle of nowhere.
It’s a common thing for Norwegians to travel to the border to do some shopping.
Especially things like tobacco and alcohol are a lot cheaper but also meet, cheese and candy among other things.
There’s a limit though to how much alcohol and tobacco you can bring from one country to the next, so we’re going along for the head count:)
I’m looking forward to the candy shopping myself.
And what better to wear for a trip like this than denim.
I love these jeans, the floral embellishment make these jeans what they are.
And they are fabulous!
Crop tops are very trendy at the moment but not everyone likes to show off their belly button, so why not wear the crop top on top of another top.(!!!)
The black tank top is out of stock but any tank top would do, even though I really like this one.
I’ve chosen an off-the-shoulder lace top just to illustrate that you can wear this item and still have both your belly and shoulders comfortably covered.
Add a pair of sneakers for a more casual look and roughen it up with a studded bucket bag.
I’m now ready for a two-hour drive, so see ya all later.
I won’t have an internet connection again later today, but tomorrow we’re going back home so see you then:)
Crop on Top