Chalkboard decor

Chalkboard paint has become very popular lately.
I first heard about it many years ago and back then I had a plan to paint one of  our closet doors with this paint.
But I never got around to it and by the time I finally purchased the paint the original idea, to give my daughter somewhere to draw, was outdated. According to her the idea was lame and childish. So there you have it.
But nowadays people are painting everything with chalkboard paint, and not only making small areas for their kids to decorate and play with.
Some even paint their kitchen with this awesome black paint.
Below you can see some ideas on how to use this amazing paint, and maybe get inspired.
Pick up some paint and have some fun with it. It’s especially suited for organizing so use it on jars and boxes and label your heart out.
One fashion set coming up shortly.
Chalkboard decor