Neon Summer

It took a little longer than planned but here’s the second set today, as promised.
Since it’s Saturday I figured I should post a party outfit.
Not everyone likes to get dressed up in fancy skirts or dresses, and you don’t have to either.
You can look just as fabulous and ready to party in a pair of pants or shorts.
I’ve chosen a pair of black Bermuda shorts, with a little length to make the look more classy.
Sadly the awesome shirt in this set is out of stock, but you can wear a bright-colored shirt underneath and a more casual top on top to get the effect the neckline gives in this outfit.
The bright pink gets repeated in both the pumps and bag.
I do like a hint of color in a black and white outfit, it makes you stand out from the crowd.
I’m in love with long sleeveless blazers and this one is perfect.
It can make any outfit look more classy in an instant.
When going out always keep the late night taxi queue in mind.
I rather dress for the queue than the party to be honest, I hate freezing while waiting to get home as it can take a good long while.Stay safe and party on!
Neon Summer