The world we live in

They say it’s going to rain tomorrow so maybe it’s time to put on some jeans.
It’s rare in these parts that you can go somewhere without bringing a jacket, but this summer I haven’t seen my jackets at all.
But I might bring my blazer tomorrow when going downtown.
My grandma used to say’ always wear nice panties in case something happens’.
So tomorrow I’ll be wearing my best panties since it’s the claimed D-day for the terrorist attack.
It may or may not happen but just in case you best wear some nice panties.
It might not be the best topic to make jokes about but these things tend to grow from a feather to a hen farm in an instant.
It’s a win-win for the media, all the fear sells papers as people are desperate for some new info, so why would they stop talking about it?!
I really hate it when I see the newspapers coming up with list on what you need to do or look out for. This makes people into private investigators and they see ghosts in broad daylight.
It’s the true recipe for catching innocent people.
As far as I’m concerned, a terrorist threat doesn’t come with an expiration date so we just have to live with the fact that these things might happen.
We decided to meddle and this is the price we pay, and the price is mainly fear.
When you think about it, terrorist attacks happens very rare compared to the amount of threats, so I think fear is the main goal.
Mission accomplished.
We can’t put our lives on hold, we just can’t. It’s a rule in any area in life, you can’t put your life on hold just because something MIGHT happen. Cause, when  are you going to live?
This is the life you were given, make the most of it and never let fear get in your way!
Now I’m off to bed and hopefully I’ll be back typing tomorrow when I get home:)
The world we live in