Golden Girl

It’s not easy to predict the future, it doesn’t always help being a weather man either.
So my plan, to wear jeans and sing in the rain today, totally failed.
It’s still hot and it’s still sunny, so what better to wear than a pair of shorts.
The laser-cut golden dream comes from Diane Von Furstenburg.
These are awesome and fabulous for a night out on the town, but I would wear them for a shopping spree as well.
If you have some amazing items then you should use them, don’t let them hang in your closet and wait for that special occasion that might not even come.
Or by the time it does your clothing is outdated and yesterdays news.
I say; wear it, use it and make it worth the money spent on it!
Every day is a party!
The flared top with the embellished neck-band is from Sass & Bide.
To die for boots from Jeffrey Campbell, and metallic clutch from Fendi.
The gold mesh sunglasses from Wildfox puts the icing on this cake.
Golden Girl