Summer Coat

Sometimes you need a nice coat even though it’s summertime.
This one from Vila is not really a coat but a long blazer.
Coats can be just as useful in summer time as any other time.
 And this open blazer is perfect to throw over your shoulders.
The polka dot skirt from Marni is fabulous but out of stock.
I need to get the rest of my summer sets posted soon, as many of the items are quickly sold out.
Summer clothes are now on sale as the fall wardrobe is ready and waiting just around the corner.
It’s always fun when seasons change and fall is a beautiful time of year, especially when it comes to nature and fashion.
Long skirts and summer coats are perfect items for late summer.
And I adore this outfit with its vintage vibe.
Looks ready for a date, happy Saturday to ya!
Summer Coat