My second post so far today, and I might even post a third later on.
Just to get my summer sets out there.
This set was one of the sets I made that was featured on the Polyvore homepage, and resulted in me getting 1500 new followers in just a wee few days.
I’ve had ten sets featured on the main page now, and this has caused people to notice me.
So far  I’ve been contacted by 3 online stores and asked to promote their products in my sets.
I’ve turned 2 of them down but I’m still undecided about the third request.
It looks appealing so I have to give it some more thought.
I’m making these sets anyways, so why not get something in return other than just the joy of doing the work?!
If I decide to promote products I will be very clear about it and make sure you know what sets are promotion sets and not.
And I will never use products I don’t like, so first of all I need to check out their supply to see if it fits my taste.
I’m very unsure about all this, everyone is telling me to give it a try, so I don’t know.
I need to do some more thinking.
This set below was originally made for a contest where we had to feature a sleeveless blazer.
And since I love sleeveless blazers it was right down my alley.
Well, this one is actually called a sleeveless tuxedo jacket, what ever the name, it is fabulous.
And still available, as is the rest of the items a part from the pumps.
I need this outfit!!
Or at least a similar one.