Hippie Living

Festival season is coming to an end soon so if you still can you should enjoy the last bits of it.
We were supposed to go to a film festival the last weekend of August but turns out it’s the same weekend we’re off to visit my parents in Oslo.
And since I haven’t visited since 2004 I have to make the right priority.
My parents visit us often and often stay at their cabin not far from were we live, so we don’t have to visit them to see them.
But it’s time.
I look forward to enjoy our capital for a few days.
Last time I went to visit I was really doing the hippie living, as I was head over heels into the boho style.
Now my style is a little bit of many things, and it change from day-to-day.
I like many different styles and what I like I wear.
But I’m not taking the boho look to the extreme any longer.
A flair can make a bigger statement than the whole enchilada.
Hippie Living