Something Blue

The season for summer weddings are coming to an end but there’s still August.
So if you’re going to a wedding or any other type of formal party, why not wear something blue?!
This dress from Kaliko is perfect for any formal function.
Blue is one of the colors that we’ll see plenty of this coming fall, with the most trendy shade being midnight blue.
But for now we’re choosing a lighter shade, and the blue in this dress is so light it’s almost not even there.
Elegant pumps from Badgley Mischka and an amazing head band from Eugenia Kim.
This set has no purse, the reason is that I originally made this to be a wedding dress so instead of a purse there’s a bouquet.
I would love to get married in a dress like this. The all white wedding dresses are too much for my taste.
I got married in a red dress chosen 15 minutes before saying ‘I do’.
I had picked out a regular white dress but just before leaving I had a ‘this is not gonna happen’ moment, so I grabbed an old dress from my closet instead.
I never got the American myth that all females dream about their wedding from an early age.
Never heard anyone I know talk about their wedding until they eventually decide to get married.
Must be a cultural thing.
Maybe more people get married over there and little girls go to weddings more often.
I attended my first wedding, as a guest, at age 18. I’ve been to 5 weddings all together, not counting my own, and just two of them were church weddings with the white dress and all that.
Anyways, one post coming up later today:)
Something Blue