Black and white, again.
A trend that refuse to be overlooked.
The monochrome look has been with us for a long time and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.
I’m a huge fan of this trend and I’ve fallen, head over heels, in love with stripes.
It’s progressed from ‘in love’ to ‘love’, and I believe its meant to last a lifetime.
The black and white shirt is from Chicnova, and it’s the most affordable item in this set.
Finding similar items at a more reasonable price shouldn’t be too difficult a task.
The leather pants comes from Saint Laurent but you can choose faux leather if you want to.
I tend to pick ‘faux’ over ‘for real’, it’s wallet friendly and no animals will ever be harmed in the making of our fabulous faux.
Classic shoulder bag from Proenza Schouler and pumps from Giuseppe Zanotti.
The female in this set is the lovely Kristina from Switzerland, founder and face of the fashion blog Kayture.com.

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