Closet Finds

I can’t believe all this rain!
This is my final shorts post so better get it posted, from now on it’s not possible to wear shorts without tights underneath.
My closet is an old one, made in the 70’s, so my dream is to rip it all out and make an all new closet.
Like this one in this set.
It’s doable, if we rip out the doors and shelves we’ll have a nice huge empty space to fill.
The most expensive part will be the new doors.
It will happen, eventually!
The shorts in this set are actually perfect for colder days, since it’s made of wool.
It’s from Carven Caban and I really love the shape of it.
Panda flats from Jeffrey Campbell and suede cross over bag from Pieces.
The earrings are so cute, but like the top they’re out of stock.
I’m babysitting, again, (I’m such a great friend) later this evening but I think I might find time for one more post.
Closet Finds