Bold & Bright

A lot of black and white happening on my blog at the moment, and more to come as well.
So we need a little color in between it all.
Love this top, and the color combo, and the print.
I can’t figure out where to get a hold of this top. It doesn’t say it’s out of stock,yet when you click the link it doesn’t show up either.
It’s probably not meant to be anyways.
Skirt is available at, it’s from Cedric Charlier.
The shoes were not found at a store, but in an article showing fall (2014) accessories.
So this is what we should put on our feet this fall.
They’re kinda awesome honestly.
Reminds me I need more shoes for the coming season, I bet my hubby would disagree though.
I’m going shopping tomorrow either way, so time to get some sleep so I’ll be awake and ready for my run around town tomorrow morning.
Bold & Bright

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