August Wish List

Finally, and as promised in my former post, here’s my August wish list.
One thing about posting a wish list a while after you made it, you often have new wishes!
But my birthday is coming up next month so it’s important to make a wish list this time around.
Going into fall I need new pants, several.
I’ve bought so many light-colored pants this summer so now I want black ones.
I need one that’s just cool, a fitted one and a leather one. Faux leather works just as well as real.
I need new tops, both sleeveless, short sleeves and long sleeves.
And winter skirts.
A sweaterdress and new coats, and can’t forget a new cape either.
No wish list is complete without a pair of boots and a bag.
Now you know what to get me:)
Will be back with one more post this evening.
August Wish List