Finally the sun is shining again, but it’s not hot like it was.
It’s safe to say; fall has arrived.
It’s still nice and green outside but the first leaves have started to fall.
You can wear a skirt to work or to some sort of occasion even though it might be too chilly to wear outside. Nothing a long coat can’ fix…for now.
I will continue with the skirts even though summer is over.
This skirt is from Just Cavalli.
Another one of my favorite designer brands.
The top is from Roberto Cavalli, more or less the same thing.
And one of my favorite items, a long sleeveless blazer.
A sleeveless blazer can bring your outfit to new heights, making it look more sophisticated and chic.
This one is from Agnona.
I just packed away all my sandals, there won’t be a sandal moment again until next spring or summer.
These sandals are awesome though. The bag is from Fendi and all items are available for purchase still.
Ups I’ve totally forgotten to post my August wish lit.
I’ll get right to it!