It’s a wonderful day today.
The sun is shining and it’s quite warm. So today I’m going for a skirt.
This figure-hugging striped skirt is from Theory.
Stripes are making a comeback every season it seems so maybe it’s safe to say it’s not a trend but a fashion staple.
It’s not the first time this bright yellow top, from Roberto Cavalli, appears on this blog.
But a good thing can’t be shown too often.
This set was made for a bee contest, hence the bees.
I’m also a huge supporter of bees, and have made a bumble bee-friendly garden this year.
It’s disturbing how so many bees seem to have  vanished lately.
We can’t have a world without bees. Without wasps probably (and hopefully), but not bees.
Anyways, another sleeveless blazer, love it!
This one by John Lewis.
Amazing ankle boots by Tabitha Simmons and a messenger bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
I’ll be back with another update later today.