What to Wear – When Travelling

Pack and go!
We’re not going to Paris but we’re off to Oslo tomorrow.
I’m all packed and ready to go.
And I don’t have to worry about my plants as I’ve arranged for our home to be taken care of.
You want to look chic when travelling but also be comfortable.
I would never travel in jeans, they’re simply not flexible enough for me.
I need a pair of pants that are easy to move around in. For a 5 hour train ride you want to be comfortable enough to take a nap, and change your seating position because you want to and not because you’re numb.
It can get cold since we’re travelling many miles above sea level when going through the mountains, but it can also get hot. You just never know.
So I prefer to wear a short sleeve t-shirt and bring a cardigan in my bag, instead of sweating in a large sweater.
A scarf is nice, you can wrap it around your neck if it gets chilly or you can use it as a pillow if you want to relax or take a nap.
I don’t think I would wear pumps though, but it really doesn’t matter much since I always take my shoes off anyways when seated.
I also keep a bag at my seat so I have all my magazines and books available.
Some make up and what ever you might need to freshen up, and food off course.
The only thing I’ll be buying at the train is coffee.
I haven’t traveled by train in a long while so I have no clue whether they offer an internet connection or not, or maybe they have special tickets for that.
I guess we can survive without internet for a few hours. I have my books, magazines and cross words. So I’m good.
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I’ll probably stop by later today for one more post.
So c-ya!
Paris Chic