How to style with a summer scarf

Here’s my set that won 2nd place in a Polyvore contest.
My very first Polyvore win, ever!
I’ve won many group contests at Polyvore, but never a contest held by the site itself.
So yes I’m proud!
The contest theme was ‘summer scarf’.
And this is my take on how to style an outfit using a summer scarf.
EDIT: For some reason Polyvore decided to remove the scarf I used in this set. It’s been removed from their inventory and site, and therefore it has also vanished from my set below.
So now I’ve added a different scarf, as you can see in the smaller image I posted.
The original scarf had a lovely bird print so I can’t figure out the reason why it got removed.
Oh well, it is what it is, and I welcome the new scarf:)
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