Hello September

Hello September, my second favorite month of the year.
The very favorite one being December.
I love Christmas, so that’s why, but I also love fall.
They say that a person’s favorite month will often be the one they were born in, for some reason they didn’t mention.
And I’m a September baby, and a Libra.
Summer is great but it’s always awesome when seasons change and new trends enters the stores. The fall trends and colors are a welcome change after a long summer.
I love knit, and earth colors. All trends that returns every fall.
Red is a color we’ll be seeing a lot of this fall, from fluorescence orange-red to darker shades like burgundy.
This lovely top from Open Ceremony might be orange or maybe it’s red.
I can’t make up my mind about it.
Either way it’s an on-trend top with wide sleeves and a geometric pattern.
The brown wool skirt is  by Dolce & Gabbana. Wool is a great and comfy choice when days are getting colder but not cold enough to let go of the skirt.
A maxi skirt is an even greater pick but if you choose to go for a shorter type you can wear it with high boots, and that way keep your legs warm.
This blood-red coat is from Rick Owens, it’s called a biker jacket but it looks more like a coat to me.
But what do I know.
The boots from Rag & Bone looks very much like my own favorite winter boots.
These are versatile and can be worn with any outfit. A chunky heel is a must when the ground gets slippery. Just remember to impregnate your shoes. Fall is the perfect time to get it done.
The cute backpack is from an online store called Little Burgundy Shoes.
It’s time for a fox in between all the owls and flamingos.
Bird print is a trend that will continue this fall, but I’m putting my money on the fox.
Just because:)
Hello September