Mary K

I’m home!
And the return home was a nightmare!
We were supposed to take the train all the way, but first we had to go by train and then change to a bus, then back on to another train. This train we had to sit on for 5 hours and it had no toilet, no restaurant, no nothing! It was HOT and we couldn’t even pull our chairs back.
Then on to another bus. They had scheduled three of them but only two showed up.
The two that were supposed to go straight downtown while our stop was somewhere in between.
So one of them decided to take us to another place and a mini bus was going to be there to take us to our destination. But it wasn’t!
The bus driver finally called up a cab but it only had room for six of us and we were 16!
We convinced the driver to make one more stop, not all that far from where we were going so we went back on the bus. Managed to call someone just before they went to bed and they came and picked us up.
I have no idea what happened to those left behind to wait for the maxi cab.
Such an insane day! And so happy I’m not travelling with children right now!
But I’m home!
This dress by Mary Katrantzou looks like a dream, just what I need, a good night sleep and some sweet dreams.
So, good night, we’ll talk tomorrow:)
Mary K