Statement coat

Anyone want to share with me why you’re visiting here today?
For some reason people are rushing to my blog today. I’ve never had this many visitors in one day, ever!
So it makes me wonder, how did you all find me and at the same time too?
From an average ranging from 5 to 10 visitors, I am now almost at 80 !!
I’m super curious to know what happened.
Anyways, I’m celebrating in my favorite color combo black & white.
I’m still posting sets that I made about a month ago so sadly some of the items will be out of stock, but it all works as inspiration.
Love the striped pants by Emanuel Ungaro, and the wide sleeve blouse from Rochas.
Vertical stripes are very slimming and your legs will seem a mile long in these fabulous pants.
Continue to add inches with a pair of high heel boots.
This season you really need to make sure you have a hat to wear, and statement coats are the ultimate item this coming winter.
Whether you choose one with bold prints and colors, go for a color block version or choose one with a crazy print in black and white.
This statement coat is from Stella McCartney and it is simply stunning in my opinion.
I’m off to bed. I have another massage session tomorrow ….can’t wait!
Statement coat