Hoodie or no hoodie

I don’t have a hoodie and I’m probably never going to get one either.
But if I did this is how I would wear mine.
Mixing sporty with chic is always a success.
Someone once told me that after a certain age you should skip the backpack, but I don’t follow age-rules at all.
The same goes for the hoodie, among other things.
I’d skip the backpack though, but for other reasons.
My mother is the most stylish person I know and I don’t think she even knows her age. At least she never thinks about it.
I never think about how old I am either, well, except for twice a year. That will be on my kid’s birthdays.
Growing kids is a sure reminder of how quickly time passes by.
So we need to embrace time and not spend it worrying about stupid rules.
If you have an ounce of taste you’ll know if something suits you or not.
Not all 20-somethings can pull off a crop top or short skirt, so it’s all about body shape and style. Not age!
If it looks good on you-wear it, no matter what the rules says.
Who made those rules anyways?!