Ripped in heels

Ripped boyfriend jeans are still seen more or less everywhere, and they sure look amazing when styled the right way.
I prefer to wear them with a blazer or a nice coat like this one.
But I don’t like my jeans to be too ripped, a little goes a long way in this matter.
Ripped jeans require high heels for the right feminine look.
This season we’ll be seeing a lot of masculine inspired items, and a masculine piece needs to be paired with a feminine piece to get the right balance.
I love this shirt. It’s a PJ shirt, I’m not sure if it’s meant for bedtime or not.
But as far as I’m concerned no one should wear clothes to bed, it just ain’t right, and this shirt is too awesome to hide under a blanket.
So bring this PJ to town!
We’ve had guests all day and I’m super tired so this is my final post for today.
I need to start making sets that shows off more of all the amazing fall fashion trends.
Wish everyone a fabulous weekend!
Ripped in heels